"We had a real challenge on our hands to offer something special for the qualification of the Finals, and I was determined to get the disused container lot for it. I'd had an eye on the place for a long time because it offered optimum conditions for a Wrecking Match. Unfortunately, I was not the only one. There was an open tender, and a bunch of architects offices were competing to be the ones to build a gigantic shopping mall on the lot. But the guy who had the last word in the awarding of the contract was none other than our respected mayor. That tub of lard was up to his neck in it because he'd blown his whole fortune on horses and roulette. He didn't even have the cash to pay the taxi fare to my office. In this awkward situation, I, of course, had a sympathetic ear for his problems..."

After successfully completing the mission:

"Crashday was burning asphalt, screeching metal, and howling engines. The whole thing was driven by greed. By the insatiable greed of people who wanted more. And that's what we gave them. More stunts, more wrecks, the best cars, the best shows, the best parties. More, more, more! With the cash we made we created our own paradise. Our vision of the garden of eden. A thing was born that was unstoppable: Crashday."

"Annoying Competitors" is the 17th mission of Career. The player needs to reach 20 team wrecks faster than the hostile team.

Ironhorze V8, Bornbad GT90, Judge 5000 SV and double missiles become available in the shop after completing this mission.


Game Mode: Wrecking Match - Team Deathmatch

Prize: 50000

Rep: 130

Drivers: 5

Vehicle: Bornbad GT90