"Rules are rules, ok? Drivers who wanted to get into the professional league had to complete a Bomb Run. Anyone who was crazy enough to take part had to drive a fully tanked Ironhorze with a bomb attached to the roof. This bomb was equipped with a velocity fuse. If the car fell below a minimum speed, it blew up. Believe me... wild horses couldn't have got me in that car."

After successfully completing the mission:

"The situation had slowly returned to normal. The bets were running in our favor again. And everyone knew what would be in store for them if they attempted any double dealin'. Everyone was happy. But I'd been hired to squeeze the maximum profit out of this enterprise. The first thing I did was to get Tony to upgrade the driver's arsenals and organize new cars. When we setup the professional league we had to offer people more than just a couple of ramps. Machine guns and missiles were the start. But we were careful. The improved cars and above all the missiles were only given to people we trusted."

"Better Don't Stop Me" is the 9th mission of Career. The player needs to complete the course without blowing up in an Ironhorze.

The Firespitter and minigun become available in the shop after completing this mission.


Game Mode: Bomb Run

Prize: 22000

Rep: 25

Drivers: None

Vehicle: Ironhorze V8


  • This mission is unique for blending Point to Point Race with Bomb Run as you need to reach the final checkpoint while running a bomb.