"When driving at a certain speed, a car bomb will be armed! Your vehicle blows up as you drive slower than the minimum speed. Pass the marked checkpoints and survive as long as you can! Take care, the minimum speed rises with each checkpoint! The player that passes most checkpoints wins the competition."

Bomb Run is one of the seven game-modes in Crashday.

The player has to pass the most checkpoints with an armed bomb which its speed increases with every checkpoint passed. There are 3 options for bomb arm velocity: slow, medium and high speed.

In-game Tips

  • Use the nitro boost to speed up quickly if you just fell below the minimum speed.
  • Avoid any collisions with other vehicles.
  • The speed bar indicates how fast you are driving above the minimum speed.
  • Avoid driving too fast in the race's beginning to keep better control of your car.


  • P2P variant of this game-mode is exclusive to a career event.
  • Bomb Run was originally going to be called "Speed mode".
  • The player cannot pass a checkpoint if they fell below the minimum speed before passing.