The Bornbad is a class C car for Crashday.

Bornbad has a 6-speed transmission and rear-wheel-drive drivetrain. It is capable of reaching a fairly high top speed, has an average wrecking power and a moderate acceleration for class A, surpassed by every car except the Wrecker. That being said, it also possesses the strongest armour after the Wrecker in the same class, even better than the Judge. It is easy to drive in general, however it can spin out if pushed too much.

The Bornbad closely resembles the Chevrolet Corvette C4 ZR1, with the front design of the Ferrari Enzo. Its tail lights were inspired by those of the Ferrari 360.


  • The Gladiator and Shockwave rear bumpers come with a rear diffuser.
  • The Stormrider "hood" kit is actually a roof scoop.
  • The Bornbad received an armour, wrecking power and acceleration increase, as well as an improved handling in Redline Edition.
  • The Bornbad shares the same engine sound with Spectran.