"We didn’t have too much trouble with the cops. I only remember one time I really got worried. Due to the business with the bribes, we still had a couple of packages we needed to dispose of in Flat Shoals. Everything was prepared and it looked like it was going to be just another routine run. Man, you plan everything carefully, fill the tank, make a couple of sandwiches for the journey - and then the cops tow you away because you parked in a no-parking zone. And all because your wife forgets to buy tomatoes and you want to be a good husband. Luckily, the cops towed the car straight to the pound. Boy, if they’d opened the trunk, we'd have been screwed. We had to get the car out of there as fast as possible. My face was known all over town, so only one of the drivers really could be considered for the job..."

"Car Theft" is the 7th mission of Career. The player needs to finish the race in 2 minutes in a Bornbad while being chased by 5 armed cop cars.


Ama6 05


Game Mode: Race - Point to Point

Prize: 17000

Rep: 5

Drivers: 5

Vehicle: Bornbad GT90


  • This mission has become much harder on Redline Edition. The cops are now armed to the teeth, they will not appear on the radar and the Bornbad is more sustainable to damage.