The career game is a sequence of 26 different events the player has to master, preceded by one introductory mission as well as one final event in the end of the career.

The main event list is divided into three driver divisions with 8 drivers for Amateurs, 7 for Professionals and 5 for Finals.

Each division differs in the variety of events and the general degree of difficulty. As the player wins events, they gradually rise from Amateur Division over Professional Division to the Final Division. The player finally wins the career game when all events have been won.

Getting Started

Amateurs Group

Professionals Group

Finals Group

The Final Fight


  • The old plot of the career involved the player participating in 24 races against 5 opponents while being sponsored by a video shop owner called Gerd, who would record the races and sell them in his shop. In return, the player would receive weapons, cars or tuning kits from him. The winner would be determined by the competitor who won the most races.
  • Some game-modes are exclusive to Career. Notable examples include showing off a single combo worth of X points, jumping for at least X minutes in total, P2P style bomb run and police chase. In addition to this, some missions have a time limit, which is not available for singleplayer or multiplayer.

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