Firespitter is a D class vehicle in Crashday. It has 6-speed transmission and rear-wheel-drive drivetrain.

Firespitter possesses an incredible top speed for class D and C, however accelerates a little faster than Cube, because of its heavier weight. It compensates its weak wrecking power with a fairly strong armour. It is very stable, though slightly understeers when cornering but not as hard as Ironhorze. Players may find Firespitter's top speed useful for D and C class races as it can hit over 300 km/h.

It's based on 1989 Pontiac Firebird. The headlights are from a Chevy Camaro of the same generation.


  • Firespitter is the only stock D class car.
  • Third vinyl of Firespitter, P.I.M.P., changes its interior and roof with a different skin.
  • It's possible to create remove the leather roof and convert Firespitter into a targa.
  • It has a visible engine, along with Apachee.
  • In original game, it doesn't come with a collision model which makes the car behave weird on certain occasions, such as landing a jump, colliding with a hedge or ending up upside down or on its side most of the times. This has been fixed on Redline Edition.



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