"The collaboration with the weapons and the construction lobbies enabled us to build gigantic arenas. From then on, we were no longer dependent on the hicks from the amateur league for knockout races. Problem was, the whole operation was shaky because it was still being financed with money from manipulated bets and what we managed to slip past the IRS. The bosses would only agree to play along on something of that magnitude if there was someone who'd serve as a scapegoat in a worst case scenario. None of them wanted to spend his last years behind bars. We needed to find a straw man, someone dumb enough to take the rap, just in case we were busted."

"Get Ready to Rumble" is the 20th mission of Career. The player needs to survive and finish the race first.


Game Mode: Race - Knockout

Prize: 90000

Rep: 150

Drivers: 4

Vehicle: Free Choice