The Hunter is an E class car in Crashday. It has a 5-speed transmission and front-wheel-drive drivetrain

Weighting in at only 1023 kg, The Hunter accelerates quickly and feels very light in corners. It's capable of reaching a faster speed than both Buster & Cube. Compared to Cube, it has a superior top speed at the cost of an inferior acceleration. Interestingly enough, both cars share the same wrecking power and armour. A challenging car for wrecking matches, Hunter easily gets pushed around by heavier and larger cars due to its weight.

Hunter XT-5 is based on the second generation Honda CR-X.


  • It is the lightest car available in game.
  • Hunter comes with 3 performance upgrades instead of 2.
  • It has a unique license plate.
  • Hunter shares the same physics parameters with Cube.
  • A cut vinyl "Impact Turbo" can be seen in pre-release screenshots and game files.