The Hunter is a class E car in Crashday. It has a 5-speed transmission and front-wheel-drive drivetrain.

Weighting in at only 1023 kg, the Hunter accelerates quickly and feels very light in corners. It's capable of reaching a faster speed than both Buster & Cube. Compared to Cube, it has a superior top speed at the cost of inferior acceleration and armor. A challenging car for wrecking matches, Hunter easily gets pushed around by heavier and larger cars due to its weight. Its small size and light weight makes Hunter an agile car, however this affects its wrecking capabilities badly.

Hunter XT-5 is based on the second generation Honda CR-X.


  • It is the lightest car available in game.
  • Hunter comes with 3 performance upgrades instead of 2.
  • It has a unique license plate.
  • Hunter shares the same physics parameters with Cube.
  • A cut vinyl "Impact Turbo" can be seen in pre-release screenshots and game files.