The Ironhorze is a C class car in Crashday.

It has 4-speed transmission and rear-wheel-drive drivetrain. When the Ironhorze is equipped with the right upgrades, including 'Custom Suspension', the Ironhorze offers acceleration better than Judge and Incubator, the best in the game. Keep in mind that the suspension upgrade does change the car's handling characteristics. The Ironhorze also has high crashpower, but its top speed is quite low for a class A car. While It's generally easy to drive, players should be careful when cornering as it has a tendency to fishtail and spin out easily.
Compared to its closest competitor, the Bornbad, it has better acceleration and wrecking capabilities, with worse top speed and armour.

The Ironhorze is very reminiscent of the 1967 Shelby GT500. Its tail lights appear to be based on a 2005 Ford GT but with double circulars.


  • The Ironhorze's minigun is mounted on its hood, contrary to the other cars.
  • A major drawback of the Ironhorze was its high deformation from crashes and missiles, which has been improved in the Redline Edition.
  • It frequently appears on several screenshots, as well as the game's cover art, launcher and even on game's icon, making it arguably the most iconic car in Crashday.
  • It shares its stock weight figure with the Incubator.
  • The "Extacy" front bumper kit seems to be based on the front bumper of the Shelby GT500 "Eleanor".
  • Performance kits for the Ironhorze change its exhausts with one or two double exhausts, depending on which kit is installed.
  • Custom suspension makes the Ironhorze accelerate slightly faster.
  • The Ironhorze is possibly the oldest vehicle in Crashday as the car it's based on is from 60's while every other car is mostly 90's or 00's.
  • The Ironhorze received an acceleration increase in Redline Edition.



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