"So we thought we'd dealt with two of the black sheep, but evidently we hadn’t gotten the message across. There were still a couple of no-goods out there who just didn’t want to get it. The solution was a Knock Out race. Nobody liked driving with a bomb in his car that exploded if he was placed last in a lap. Especially if he had a skeleton in the closet and knew that Tony’s crew could rig his car or its protective armor-plate any time they liked. Drivers who hesitated made themselves suspicious from the onset, and those who did take part could never be sure just how much we knew. We reckoned on the drivers getting nervous and making mistakes."

"Knocked Out!" is the 8th mission of Career. The player needs to survive and finish the race first.


Game Mode: Race - Knock Out

Prize: 19000

Rep: 5

Drivers: 5

Vehicle: Free Choice