"The favorite event for a lot of drivers was Offroad Madness - a stunt show in which the drivers could give everything and have a load of fun. Yeah true,wrecking matches were more lucrative, but we had to keep our boys happy. Who wants to sit in a car the whole time that’s being shot to pieces from all sides? Let's face it, only someone who has fun and enjoys his job delivers top performance. And I believe if our drivers didn't have any fun in the thing, we'd never have been able to make the Crashday league as big it got..."

"Offroad Madness" is the 13th mission of Career. The player needs to reach 120000 stunt points faster than their opponents.

Pick'em'up V8 and single missile become available in the shop after completing this mission.


Game Mode: Stunt Show - Target Score

Prize: 36000

Rep: 80

Drivers: 5

Vehicle: Free Choice