[THIS PAGE IS OUTDATED AND WILL BE UPDATED IN NEAR FUTURE] Notable differences can be found in the list below


  • Improved graphics and rendering, including Anti-Aliasing & Anisotropic Filtering and re-worked ambiences.
  • 16:10 video format.
  • The introduction of pickups / powerups.
  • RPM meter.
  • Career stats are visible on main menu.
  • New splash screens to fit the Redline Edition theme.
  • 3 more preset cars are now available to drive before the career campaign. These vehicles are Apachee, Pickup and Hunter.
  • Host can now kick a player from the lobby.
  • Host has the ability to stop a lobby before the race starts.
  • The ability to change the color of the nitrous, as well as AI drivers using different nitrous colors.
  • Players can now create custom setups for multiplayer sessions.
  • The difference between grass and tarmac surface is more noticable, especially when the player is driving with supersport wheels in offroad tracks.
  • Improved missile-sync and impact detection.
  • No opponents option for Bomb Run.
  • 45 seconds timer for Pass the Bomb.
  • It's no longer possible to drive before the round starts in Pass the Bomb.
  • It's now possible to vote in post-race screen, either for restarting or ending the race.
  • Players who finished a race can now spectate other racing players.
  • It's now possible to select an ambience in event selection menu.
  • It's now possible to select any damage level for any game mode.
  • It's now possible to turn off the damage in Stunt Show, Hold The Flag, Race and Bomb Run.
  • It's now possible to turn off weapons, change the damage or ambience in Test Drive.
  • Free mode camera for Test Drive and spectating mode.
  • [Track editor terrain]
  • Unused ambience sounds have been made available.
  • [idle feature]
  • Detached car parts now stay on the ground for a short time before vanishing instead of going through the floor.
  • It's possible for tail lights to de-sync after receiving damage.
  • Speed limiter is now present on every car, though, this can be disabled.
  • Players now need to be below 60 km/h to request a recovery.
  • New hud messages.
  • Tweaked camera controls, most notably mid-air camera.
  • Raised target scores on Stunt Show, as well as 10 minutes option.
  • It's now possible to do 20 lap races.
  • More intense explosion effects.


  • Career opponents now have full driver names, which are exclusive to career.
  • Car Theft is noticably harder. The cops are fully armed and tuned an
  • The player faces THE INCUBATOR in the Final Battle.


  • Hidden vinyl "Polizei" for Spectran has been made available.
  • New car sorting algorithm.
  • The Apachee's wrong center of gravity has been fixed.
  • The Ironhorze's overly high deformation has been toned down.
  • The Firespitter no longer lacks a collision model.
  • Mid-engined vehicles like Judge, Apachee have correct engine smoke locations now.
  • Engine smoke now starts occuring at %50 and gets darker upon receiving more damage.
  • Car mods now directly appear on car menu without the need of buying them from the career shop.
  • The acceleration of Spectran, Firespitter and Ironhorze's heavy performance kits have been increased.
  • Apachee is slightly lighter when its performance kit is installed.
  • Heavy wrecking kits no longer adds weight to Bornbad, Ironhorze and Judge.
  • The Bornbad and Pickup's heavy armour kit's strength has been increased.
  • The Incubator's armour has been increased.
  • The Apachee's top speed has been increased.
  • The Hunter, Buster and Cube's top speed have been increased (when maxed out)
  • Nearly all vehicles have correct wheel sizes, which means no longer clipping wheels.


  • Improved cheat protection.
  • Workshop support.
  • Achievements.
  • Leaderboards
  • Russian language support (in-game)
  • Anti-flood feature for Multiplayer.
  • [more to come soon]

Bug Fixes

  • The infamous speedbug has been fixed, however it's still possible to enable it in game.dbs.
  • Fixed "Unknown player" bug.
  • Camera no longer gets locked after finishing a multiplayer Race event. The strange audio noises have been fixed too.
  • It's no longer possible to steal rankings of finished opponents in a Race event. Ranking of a player gets fixed once they cross the finish line.
  • "On the farmers' roof" stunt exploit has been fixed.
  • Players can no longer use quick chat commands in Single Player.


  • The ability to disable recovery & auto recovery
  • The ability to change the gravity
  • The ability to change the missile ammo
  • The ability to disable the speed limiter
  • The ability to enable the "speedbug"
  • The ability to change the max amount of combo
  • The ability to disable air control (steering in mid-air)
  • The ability to allow recovery for every game mode but Pass the Bomb.

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