Pick'em'up V8 is a class C vehicle in Crashday. It has all-wheel-drive drivetrain and a 4-speed transmission.
It offers a moderate top speed and a great amount of torque. Due to its strong armour, wrecking power and weight, it is a great choice for wrecking matches. Its large turning radius and size, however, makes Pickup pretty sluggish around the corners. Care should be taken when cornering hard as it is prone to roll over. It performs relatively good in tracks with mostly straights that aren't too long.

It's overall based on Ford F150 SVT Lightning (2000), however the front fascia is very reminiscent of 3rd gen Dodge Ram.


  • It's the fastest accelerating vehicle in Class C.
  • It's possible to roll it over, especially when equipped with offroad suspension and tires.
  • The Pickup is the only vehicle that remained unchanged since its introduction during the development of Crashday.