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.amb Ambience textfile
.cai Stunt definitions textfile
.cat Track editor textfile
.cca Car textfile
.cdo Dynamic Objects textfile
.cdx Encrypted data file
.cfl Tile textfile
.cnv Font Conversion table textfile
.cpk Content Package file; a .zip file renamed to .cpk containing a mod.
.crd Credits textfile
.crv Torque Curve textfile for cars
.cst Stunt defnitions textfile
.dbs Database textfile containing important game parameters
.dds Preferred image file type
.lst List textfile for the Shop or Career
.ogg Audio file type used for music
.p3d 3D model file
.plain Language localization textfile
.sld Slides textfile for main menu
.sys Particle System textfile
.tex Texture Material textfile
.tga Secondary image file type; use it for textures that need overlays (color, damage, etc)
.tun Tuning textfile, you can create additional ones as add-ons
.txt Miscellaneous textfile
.veg Vegetation textfile
.wav Audio file rewquired for anything but music
.whl Wheel textfile
.wid Font file