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This is a short overview of all the folders.

Folder structure


the main folder that all files and folders go into.
ambience This folder contains all the ambience (.amb) files for the game.
career This folder contains all the career (.txt) files for the game.
cars in this folder you'll find the folders of each specific car. in each car folder should at minimum be a .crv file, carinfo.cca file and engsound.txt file. You can also add any number of .tun files as tuning part add-ons for your car.
dbs this folder holds the game.dbs file, which contains all kinds of parameters which alter gameplay.
dynamics the folder where dynamics (moveable objects) go into, which you can place in your tracks.
editor this folder contains .cat files, which tell the track editor how to sort tiles, dynamics and checkpoints.
fonts this folder contains a multitude of font-related files.
loc this folder contains localization files (credits.crd and a .plain file).
models the root of this folder contains models for use in the track editor (tiles, dynamics, etc), as well as a cars folder. inside the cars folder, you can find folders for specific cars, in which the car's .p3d file(s) go.
music this folder contains 3 folders, 'career', 'electronic' and 'rock', which are the three music types the game differentiates between. you can add folders to add music types, and add .mp3, .ogg or .wav files as music.
particles this folder contains all the particles the game uses, like dust, bullets and sparks.
shop this folder contains the shop's .lst files, which allows you to purchase and unlock parts for cars. Inside the folder you can find a cars folder, in which specific car folders go. In the specific folders, you can find a defshop.lst. You can add additional .lst files for add-on parts.
slides this folder contains slides (images) used in the main menu.
sounds this folder contains all the sounds (.ogg or .wav) for the game.
textures this folder contains all the textures (.tga, .dds) and materials (.tex) for the game. they are sorted in many folders.
tiles this folder contains all the tiles for the game. the file types are .cai (to specify AI paths), .cfl (main tile file) and .cst (to specify stunts). only the .cfl file cannot be omitted.
vegetat this folder contains all the vegetation (.veg) files that get laid out over tiles at random, conform information specified in .cfl files.
wheels this folder contains all the wheel data files (.whl) for the game.