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This is a short overview on the required and optional files for each car.

carlogo.tga car's logo, will apear in game's garage
carlogo.tex shader file for carlogo.tga
rpmtex.tga obsolete, but still has to be present; copy+paste it from other cars
shadow.tga car shadow image
shadow.tex shader file for shadow.tga
carinfo.cca text file with physical and game relevant parameters (see Setup of car specification file)
[carname].crv text file with engine's torque curve
shop.lst text file listing all the parts that can be bought in the career shop (see Shop and tuning parts)
[carname].p3d the 3d model of the vehicle (see Modelling guidelines)
*.tga any textures using freely chosen names (see Texturing guidelines)
*.tex shader file for any .tga's
[carname]_def[inchsize].whl wheel definition file for default wheel (see Custom wheels)