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The car's shop.lst is essential for vehicles, tuning parts and default wheels to appear in the game's shop and to be installed/uninstalled/exchanged in the garage screens. It defines names, prices and availability conditions of any in-game shop offer. For tuning kits, it defines to which car they belong and which tuning part defined in the .tun file they relate to.

Structure of the shop.lst file:

The file contains a variable number of shop parts. The number of total items in the file must not be specified, items are simply placed below each other and the item count is calculated automatically.
Between items, a free line is maintained followed by the line "Next:".

Example file: shop.lst (corresponding to def.tun + defdecals.tun) Explanation
Crashday - ShopDataList first static line
blank line


"Next:" indicates next shop part item

*currentcar* unique identifier name (use the string "*currentcar*" if this offer is the car itself)
car group that item belongs to, available are: car, fbumper, rbumper, sidekit, hood, rwing, wheels, performance, weapon, skin, chassis, armour, crashpower
NONE parent object of a shop part. Either this "parent" is a car in which case you specify "*currentcar*" (e.g. for any tuning item). Otherwise specify "NONE"
Apachee part name displayed in the shop
[contents of line meaningless] obsolete
withrespect 1370 availability condition of the item. Either “withrespect [number]” (item unlocks with certain respect points), “aftercarbought” (item unlocks after parent car is purchased, use this for any tuning) or "always" (article is always unlocked)
0 obsolete
NONE obsolete
152000 price of the item. MUST be "0" for stock parts (see below for more details)
NONE obsolete
0 set this to "1" if your shop part is a stock tuning part of a car (see below for more details)
0 (IMPORTANT) Is this part a mod content? This must be set to 1 if you are creating additional items for the shop
(blank line) either start of the next item with "Next" or end of file
  • Tuning parts listed in the shop.lst are linked to their physical representation in the def.tun only by their name. Be sure the part identifier in the def.tun matches its counterpart in the shop.lst.
  • A stock car part is a shop item that is automatically purchased as the player purchases a car. Stock shop parts don't show up in the shop separately, i.e. the player doesn't even notice that they exist. It usually defines a stock element of a car, such as a default wheel or a default bumper that (physically) would have to be removed from the car to attach a tuned version. Most cars usually have at least one stock front bumper, one stock rear bumper and a default stock wheel. Stock parts guarantee that you can always switch a tuning category back to the state it was in when you bought the car. Please make sure stock items have a price of 0.