Crashday originally has 17 soundtracks, including the career soundtrack.These soundtracks were exclusively produced for Crashday.


LowBuz - On the Ledge

Pencilcase - Crashday

Pencilcase - Mrs. Rock'n'Roll Detective

Pencilcase - Speed

Peter Struck - Experience

Peter Struck - Hands On a Wheel

Peter Struck - Move With Energy

Pro. Fac - Boom

Pro. Fac - Jody's Campus


Jan Morgenstern - Big Beat Delta

Peter Struck - Crowd

Peter Struck - Just Got To Town

Peter Struck - Move with Energy (Electronic)

Peter Struck - New Contact

Peter Struck - Space Rider

Peter Struck - Time Explosion


  • Techno was going to be included in game however there is nothing left from it apart from a single string found in original game files. Rap was going to be included as well.
  • Soundtracks for certain trailers were composed by Moonbyte Games.

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