Hold The Flag was one of my favorite events. It was just a matter of finding a big yellow Smiley face out in the field and taking it through the checkpoints. When Tony turned up with the thing the first time, we all wondered if he was going nuts. Just imagine it, you come to work one morning and there’s this big yellow thing standing out in the yard and grinning at you. At the time we didn’t have a lot of time to discuss it; the bosses were breathing down our necks because of the lost betting income. So we used it. Yeah, looking back, it was a good idea. That grin turned out to be an unexpected gold mine, and we were back in the bosses favor.

"Team Spirit" is 5th mission in Amateurs league. Objective is to pick the flag and go through 10 checkpoints.

Not interesting fact: Amateurs5 is most played map in CrashDay Multiplayer

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