"Every now and then we’d do small favors for certain people. Nothing too fancy. A couple of parties, women ... Little things, just to make sure they owed you one. There was this one guy, a big shot from the weapons lobby who desperately wanted to do a couple of laps in an Incubator. The deal with him was extremely important for us. We had no more explosives for bomb construction and we needed supplies urgently for the opening of a new arena. And what does this idiot do? Crashes in the first curve because he couldn’t handle the car. I thought: "Hell, what now?", but the guy climbed out of the wreck grinning from ear to ear and signed the contract - he’d had the time of his life. Now with that, nothing more stood in the way of the "Pass The Bomb" event."

"The Bomberman" is the 16th mission of Career. The player needs to reach a higher score than their opponents in 8 rounds.


Game Mode: Pass The Bomb

Prize: 45000

Rep: 30

Drivers: 5

Vehicle: Free Choice