"After all the troubles and tribulations, everything was ready for the big finale. The champagne for the party was on ice, the invites had gone out, the hottest women organized, and the little briefcases for the bosses were just waiting to be filled with cash and delivered. Now all that was left was the final battle. Two drivers in a one on one race, to decide who was the best of the best."


"If you believe you have the opportunity to realize a dream, you have to grab it with both hands. You might have to wait a long time and struggle through a lot of difficulties, but you should never, ever give up on your dream. Never. That's the secret. From starting with a couple of wooden ramps and a workshop, we created a professional and incredibly profitable racing league. The operation practically ran itself and everyone was happy. But like I said, it was my job to get the maximum out the business, and I was still a long way from being satisfied."

"The Final Battle" is the final mission of Career. The player needs to reach 5 wreck advances faster than 'THE INCUBATOR' in 5 minutes.

Incubator V12 becomes available in the shop after completing this mission.


Game Mode: Wrecking Match - Wrecks Advance

Prize: 750000

Rep: 4000

Drivers: 1

Vehicle: Free Choice


  • This mission has been made much harder on Redline Edition, with half of time limit than the original version and a much more armored Incubator that deals even more damage than before.