Flat Shoals was ideal for our purposes. Remote. Lonely. Not much more than a wide place in the road, way out in the middle of nowhere. A good place to solve problems. If anybody caused us trouble, Flat Shoals was the solution. You just had to know what you are doing and give the farmers a couple of bottles of spiked booze to make sure that they slept well. Pigs don’t ask questions about what they’re being fed. But farmers do. And if farmers ask questions, you can be sure that you’re gonna have to spend the whole damn night solving even more problems. Yeah, races were held in Flat Shoals too, of course. Like... er... the Offroad-Stage race, for example.

"The Offroad Stage" is the 4th mission of Career. The player needs to reach the final checkpoint in less than 3:05 minutes.


Game Mode: Race - Point to Point

Prize: 15000

Rep: 5

Opponents: None

Vehicle: Free Choice