"I still remember exactly how we started out back then. Basically, it was all there: Cars, a workshop, garages, gas, ramps ... everything you needed to get into the racing business big... We just had one problem; we needed some hot drivers. Drivers who were prepared to risk their necks for us. So we did it the right way and organized a kind of qualifying test.  We wanted the best... and we weren’t going to settle for less."

After successfully completing the mission:

"In the Crashday league when an ignition key was turned more cashed burned up in a second than my wife can spend in a year. You know what I'm talking about... Give a woman a credit card and before you know it all your money is gone down the drain. You either keep that cash flowing steadily all the time or you loose them. Women, family, friends, all of them. They don't want anything more to do with you. So you make damn sure you're never short of cash. That's what I did. And that was my job. And believe me, I was the best the bosses could get for the job."

"The Right One For The Job?" is the 1st mission of Career. The player needs to wreck 10 vehicles faster than their opponents in a Judge.


Game Mode: Wrecking Match - Deathmatch

Prize: 10000

Rep: 20

Drivers: 3

Vehicle: Judge 5000 SV


  • This mission is called "intro4" in game files, suggesting this would be originally the 4th introductory mission of Career.