"The purchase of the old dump was the result of a privatization agreement. The place hadn't paid its way and devoured enormous amounts of taxpayers' money. The state was desperate to get rid of the dump, and the bosses had two very influential building speculators on their payroll who were in the lobby. They had instructions to procure money from guilds and cooperatives which would then be donated through Meyer to the Crashday league in a large-scale deal. And then, we used the money to buy the dump. Of course, the garbage was a serious problem, so the first thing we did was pour concrete over it, which formed its characteristic three hills. But don't forget: The construction of this track gave the local economy a big boost. We raised twelve million in investment capital. Who was going to make things difficult for us?"

"Three Hills" is the 24th mission of Career. The player needs to reach a higher score than their opponents in 5 rounds without ever being killed by the bomb.


Game Mode: Pass The Bomb

Prize: 90000

Rep: 150

Drivers: 5

Vehicle: Free Choice