"Build and share your own crazy circuits using the integrated track editor. Choose from over 150 building blocks, including insane ramps, wicked corkscrews, off-road terrains and a lot more."

Track Editor is a vital feature of Crashday. Players can create their own courses and play on them, in both singleplayer and multiplayer. The game offers more than 150 building blocks. The maximum amount of allowed tiles is 2000.



  • Roads
  • Country/Highway
  • Dirt Roads
  • Race Track
  • Arena/Tribune
  • Elevated
  • Tunnels
  • Stunt Set
  • Industrial
  • Buildings
  • Decoration

2. Objects

  • Light Objects
  • Heavy Objects

3. Checkpoints


  • Tile Mode: Place tiles such as roads, stunt elements or buildings. Tiles can be rotated and mirrored. #roadsaPlace/remove tiles. The track is mainly composed by placing ground, road and stunt tiles. They can also be mirrored, rotated and allow you to create any kind of track you can imagine.
  • Object Mode: Place objects such as barriers, signs or explosives. Objects can be pushed away if a car hits them. Place/remove movable objects.
  • Checkpoint Mode: Place checkpoints. Checkpoints define starting positions and the route of the track. For a playable track one or more checkpoints are needed. The directional arrows tell the computer enemies which way to drive through them and the initial direction when cars start from that checkpoint.

In-game Tips

  • Press Q/E to select the previous/next element set
  • Press A/D to select the previous/next element in current set
  • Press W to switch the current editing sub-mode
  •  Press S to pick up the element at the mouse position
  • Click left mouse button + drag to place a row of tiles
  • Click right mouse button to rotate the current element
  •  Press Ctrl to mirror the current element
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • Press 1/2/3 to switch between tile/object/checkpoint mode