"We even had street races where drivers could use weapons. However, a kind of code of honor had spread in the drivers' camp that prohibited the use of weaponry in a race. But of course, there was always someone who had nothing against firing a missile up the exhaust pipe of the driver in front of him. That held a certain appeal to me personally too, because races like that sold better."

"Welcome to the Underground" is the 14th mission of Career. The player needs to complete the race first without being killed.


Game Mode: Race (Point-to-Point)

Prize: 46000

Rep: 30

Drivers: 5

Vehicle: Free Choice


  • This is the only occasion where the opponents use weapons on the player without being provoked in a Race event. The Spectran and the Cube will remain friendly however, so long as the player leaves them alone.
  • It is possible to make two opponents fight with each other in this event.