The Wrecker is a class B vehicle in Crashday. Its layout is FA (Front-engined, All-wheel-driven) and its engine is coupled to a 4-speed gearbox.

The Wrecker is a military truck which offers an unusual wrecking power and armour, the best among all vehicles. Surprisingly, It can maneuver well, despite its heavy weight and size. It is unarguably the best vehicle for Wrecking Match. At the same time, it possesses a very poor top speed and acceleration, making it one of the slowest, if not the slowest vehicle in the game, which renders it utterly useless for racing and stunting. The vehicle shows unrivalled offroading capabilities, thanks to its high ground clearance and over the top vehicle frame and suspension durability. It is best suited for wrecking matches and tracks with steep terrain.

The Wrecker is based on the AM General Humvee.


  • When upgraded, it will receive cosmetic changes such as bullbars or additional exhausts.
  • It has the most amount of torque when upgraded.
  • It is the heaviest vehicle in the game.
  • It only comes with one visual kit (excluding performance, wrecking and armour kits)
  • The Wrecker is the only vehicle without a license plate.